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Tennom Chile

Band-aid patch with protective dressing box X 10 Units

Band-aid patch with protective dressing box X 10 Units

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Laboratory: Hypoallergic

Wash the wound with plenty of water, dry carefully, peel off the lower protective paper and place the gauze directly in the center of the wound. Adjust the patch by pressing on the edges for proper adherence. Change the patch whenever necessary.

Recommended for the protection of small and superficial wounds. It provides excellent protection against possible infections and contributes to faster wound healing.

Plastic adhesive dressing, uniformly coated with a hypoallergenic pressure-sensitive adhesive and containing in the center a soft core of synthetic fibers that covers and protects the wound

It allows the skin to breathe, it is waterproof, remaining on the skin during the bath or in the pool. Easy to remove without leaving residue. Latex free.

Keep in a dry and protected place. Store in the original container. Keep out of the reach of children.

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